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Little Marley

About Us


Beebe’s is a small Cattery in Southeast Michigan; we breed True Canadian Sphynx for health and temperament. We were officially established in 2015 when we bought a house on a farm and brought home our first female.

We strive to remain a small cattery as it allows us to spend more hands-on time with each kitten and raise them as a part of our family. In doing this, we're able to produce the perfect cat for you! A well-balanced cat is established at a young age through extensive socialization, grooming, and exposure to daily noises and situations typically found in homes. 


All our kittens remain at the Cattery until their perfect home is found whether it be months or years. And still after breeding this long, we learn new things with every litter and every kitten, and fall more in love with this remarkable breed. And for our breeding cats... when their breeding career is finished, they are spayed/neutered and live the rest of their life as a spoiled pet in our home.


We have one male and couple breeding females. The Cattery is mainly run by myself (Kate or "Beebe"), but I could not do any of it without the support of my amazing husband and kids. Each of us play a role in the kitten’s development and care. We love what we do and have devoted our heart, soul, and lots of square footage to our Cattery!

All of our cats and kittens are seen at Krause Veterinary Clinic.

We put our full trust in our Veterinary team and highly recommend them!

How we got started

Our story begins with our first sphynx, he and I shared a one-of-a-kind bond, one that will influence my life forever. He is the sole reason I started the cattery… to offer others the opportunity to experience that precious bond we shared.


​In 2008 we purchased a non-papered, non-neutered, non-vaccinated, beautiful, 12-week-old male kitten. I instantly fell in love with my little boy and named him Lambo.

He was my child before my children, always on or near me, loved to sit on the sink, pawing at the running water as I was brushed my teeth, or the shower ledge as I showered. He was my shadow… always waiting for that opportunity to get some snuggles, crawl into my hoodie or perch on my shoulder.


At 1 year old, Lambo was diagnosed with a heart murmur, the cardiologist told me it was only mild, and he would likely live a normal life, and that he did! A few years later, we became foster parents for multiple animal rescues. Lambo was a significant part of rehabilitating 100’s of animals we took in. He fostered abandoned kittens I bottle fed, snuggled with orphan puppies, was the test/training cat for animals that were not properly socialized with cats. And he was always there to comfort me when I’d come home empty handed after adoption day.


In 2014 we almost lost Lambo. I came home to find him disoriented and struggling to breath, so I rushed him to the Emergency Vet where they discovered he had asthma, and his difficulty breathing was actually an asthma attack. After a few days he was released and was put on daily medicine to control the asthma. It was then that we decided to stop fostering, as the added stress and excitement would easily trigger an asthma attack.


After his near-death experience, Lambo would not tolerate sharing my attention, but the day our first litter was born, he surprised us all. I like to say he promoted himself to the cattery’s Godfather. He was instantly attracted to the kittens and was a huge supporter for the mama kitties, comforting and cleaning them throughout their labor. Every litter, he would assist in grooming, playing, teaching, and supervising the kittens. ​


In early 2019 Lambo passed away in my arms from sudden heart failure. Losing him was absolutely devastating, and by far the hardest goodbye in my life. I will always cherish the amazing bond we had, and the laughter, love, and memories he gave my family. And I will never forget how many unenthusiastic opinions he changed on the Sphynx breed… just by being himself.

Lambo is my motivation to continue breeding.

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